DS01 Dosimetry System

New DS01 Dosimetry System

Radon OSL dosimetry system measures radiation dose using Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) method. Tissue equivalent Beryllium-Oxide (BeO) detectors are used in the Radon OSL dosimetry system to measure the exposured dose. The Radon OSL dosimetry system consists of OSL reader-eraser, dosimeters and software. All OSL dosimetry systems need a separate eraser unit for preparing dosimeters as ready for wearing again after erased.

Radon OSL dosimetry system contains eraser part within itself. Radon OSL dosimetry system was designed with the intent of availability of point dose measurement in medical applications. Despite, specially enhanced software enables saving dose records, evaluating dosimeters into the reader automatically, generating dose report and performing daily quality tests.

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