About Us

A Few Words About Us

Solid Background

Our company, which was selling patient immobilization and fixation materials at the beginning, has established technical service department in 1999 according to sector requirements. In 2000, our company made the first service agreement and began to serve maintenance, repairing and calibration legally.

What We Offer

High Quality Production

Since then, our company has served many governmental hospitals, university hospitals and private radiotherapy centers and in 2004 added radiotherapy machines (Co-60 Teletheraphy Machine, X-Ray Simulator) to its product range.


Our company realized the first production of radiotherapy machines in Turkey with TR Cobalt-60 Teletheraphy Machine and AC Sim X-Ray Simulator.


Proven Capability

"Thanks to our increasing knowledge and experience, we have ISO 13485 Medical Devices Certificate, ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate, TSE-HYB Certificate, SSHYB Certificate and CE Certificate to serve you better."

Radon Medical




"You can find what you needed about the radiation oncology in our Catalog. It's including company info and products. For more information, please contact us... "

Caner Kalabalık